Friday, 28 July 2017

simple words of kindness

Whainga ako: Use kind words to promote positive ahua in our kura.

What is the learning? To help us to be expressive in our kura by using the kind words we have used in our presentation.  These kind word make others feel welcome, safe and happy.  We want everyone to feel happy.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

journey's speech

         Nothing better than cool cars!   Cool cars for slick dudes.

whainga ako?: practice your speech with your cue cards.

what part was the most challenging part?: my presentation is about Why are Cars are so amazing?

what does your digital item present?:my presents Why are Cars are so amazing?

how did you master it?:i practice it at school so now i know some of my speech.

what have you been learning?:i have been learning my speech.

what might you do differently next time?:next time i do this i will change the topic and the sentence.